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Thursday, 05 March 2015 11:49

Read up on some of the nice things that people have said about us in the years that I have been a dive instructor.

Dear André & Doris
Thanks so much for everything. We had four wonderfull days and experienced so much that it felt like much longer. We hope to come back again for much more than " A Day" in Africa.
Until then we promise to do our utmost in telling everybody up North about your wonderful Paradise in Sodwana and the beautiful food we enjoyed. We will give you Top Stars and show the photos on Facebook as promised.
Robert and Annette


Dear André & Dorris
Just wanted to say thank you for an awesome weekend. Your warmth and hospitality around camp is much appreciated. Never have I experienced such a relaxing and welcoming holiday. The food was absolutely delicious.
You will definitely see us again soon.
Thank you
Candice & Michael


Dear Andre
Just a short thanks to you and your team from A DAY IN AFRICA for the great hospitality and professionalism when it comes to the out doors, especially diving the open waters. My experience diving with you Andre and your team has only been to the best.
I have dived with numerous dive groups/companies through all my years of diving (12 years). To date A DAY IN AFRICA has been by far the best and so it is safe for me to say that I will never ever find a better dive group/company that offers dive trips all over as I have found the one and there is no need for me to look further. For what you charge I definitely got double the worth back.
Camping has never been a problem for me but for my wife it is and so it makes it difficult for me to take her with unless there are chalets, toilets etc. on such trips, meaning it costs a lot for a weekend away. Then not to mention the part of nothing for her to do, but sit in the camp site or wait on the beach while I dive. But after spending the weekend with you Andre and your team it is not going to be a problem anymore. The fact that you cater for the “non diver” to and not just the “diver” means a lot.
Your camp site is out of this world it’s cozy and always clean. One can see there is an effort put in to make one feel at home - but still we are in a bush set up, not like other trips I have been on. The best part of the trip besides the diving is the meals you cater (there is only one way to describe it GOOD OLD HOME COOKING) but there I can not commend you on that but only your wife – man she can cook. Not ever did one have to wait for a meal to be served “always on time” and if I was late I was served a meal as if it was made now just for me.
The diving was only the best - I don’t know if you have contacts under sea that lets you know before every dive where it is going to be the best drop off site as not one of your drop off sites was a disappointment. All ways something different, all ways full of marine life, never a dull moment under the water. Not like other dive trips I have been on where you think to yourself did someone move the marine life for the day.
Well Andre you and your team impressed me beyond and you will definitely see me and my wife from now on for all my future diving trips.
Oh you should think of changing your companies name from “A DAY IN AFRICA” to “A LIFE TIME IN AFRICA” as I will never forget a trip like this it will stay with me for my life time.


Dear Editor
I would like to share with fellow campers and divers out there the experience I had recently with "A day in Africa dive school"
I never realised that camping could be so comfortable. André Hanekom the Dive Master and Owner of A day in Africa has a campsite worth bragging about. He has a huge tent, which covers the entire campsite. It must be about 10 or 12 metres in length with tables lined up down the centre of the tent. On Sunday (Father's day) it started drizzling, usually everyone would scatter to their own tents for shelter, but it was so nice not to have to do that. The group of us that were still titivating at the campsite merely stayed where we were and we never even got wet. What a pleasure.
I must commend Doris on her cooking (André's wife). We have brunch and supper cooked for us. It is so nice to get back from a dive and walk into the dining area, sit down with a cup of hot coffee and a good meal. No waiting, what a pleasure this is better than a 5 star hotel. The food is excellent. She even bakes her own bread at the campsite.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank André and Doris for an enjoyable weekend. If this is what camping is all about, then I'm game. It's so nice to go with such an organised team. Great dives and excellent food what more could one ask for.
Thank you."
Debbie Thurston
09/07/2003 Divestyle


Make sure you are using the right instructor....
"I completed my Open Water dive course last year and did some diving at Aliwal Schoal. The dives were great and I was hooked....the training however, I learnt later, was far from adequate. We place all our faith into our instructors when doing a dive course and not many people actually compare courses or do their research and usually go by recommendation.
I have just redone the course as a refresher with Andre Hanekom, A Day in Africa, who is a Cmas instructor and was shocked at the poor quality training that I received with my first course. I found when comparing the detail of the course and safety, the Cmas instruction was superb. I will most defiantly use the Cmas instruction for the rest of my diving, and hope to do many more courses through Andre.
Thanks for the great publication..."
Graham - Randburg


Dear: Andre
We would just like to say thank you to you and your staff for helping two of our staff members at such short notice and excepting them into your home as well as the bunnies. You helped us to do our job which is to stop animal cruelty. Your kindness you showed to us will never be forgotten.
With the Animal population continually growing the amount of cruelty cases we have to deal with are also increasing. Without support from people such as yourselves we would never have been aware of cases such as these in areas as far away as you are. You therefor cannot imagine how valuable your assistance is to the SPCA.
Be sure there is someone who sees from up above your donation given to us in the name of love.
Management and staff of Richards Bay SPCA