Corporate Safaris

When stress begins to affect people and their relationships whether professionally or personally serious action needs to be taken.

  • We focus on the physical and the emotional aspects of the team building and will supply management with a proper analysis of each person on the teambuilding session. Some people may think that team building is boring and a waste of money and time but there are people in your company that have never had the opportunity to relax and get to know their co-workers in a non working environment.
  • We focus on the way employees react at the teambuilding sessions which allows us to give the company valuable insight on the feelings of the employees towards the management, the working conditions and just a general feeling about the company.
  • This will enable management to optimise the environment to suit the employees while still taking the resourses and the needs of the company into consideration.
  • Many companies have seen the benefits of having employees who are less stressed in the corporate world. They are normaly more focused, more attentative, and more productive leading to an atmosphere that is easier to work in for all concerned.
  • We all know that stress is necessary to help people to function effectively in certain situations in life, but if this stress is not dealt with in a proper manner there can be great repercussions.
  • We all know that if stress and anxiety are allowed to buildup, people become unable to function effectively any aspect of their lives and they reach a point where burnout is inevitable.
  • We specialise in corporate breakaways and team-building weekends, for the professionals who need a break from the hustle and bustle of the corporate world.

Our safari expertise is based on years of experience in the wild, waking up with the lions roaring in the wilderness and socialising around the campfire. We have a professional photographer who can capture these moments on photo or video for you forever. Our training will motivate your staff and bring them in line with your driving force.We also offer Accommodation for any enquiries contact us or book now . To Invest in Your Staff's Future, is to Invest in Good.

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