This world heritage site is home to the Zulu. This is also the home of A Day In Africa Lodge. There is a tar road from Johannesburg to Sodwana (+/- 650km ) for the seasoned traveller or to save time you can fly to Durban and rent a car for the 400km drive to Sodwana. There are over 350 species of birds and large mammals including Elephants, Buffalo and Rhino living in the Sodwana area. Sodwana is also the diving meca for local and international Scuba Divers, you will find all types of coral and fish life on the popular Sodwana reefs from 2 Mile stretching as far as 9 Mile for the more advanced divers. The reefs of Sodwana are large enough to keep a diver interested in what it has to offer for over an hour if your air intake will allow it. This is the first place that scuba divers could see the ceolacanth in its true habitat The experienced and inexperienced diver will find true satisfaction when diving the beautiful Sodwana reefs. Accomodation is available in various forms namely Lodges, tented camps or just roughing it in a your own tent. This is where you can experience the true African adventure.

Whether you wish to explore our beautiful Coast line from a Micro light, horse back riding or perhaps even on a 4X4 don’t miss out on excellent dives to brag about to your friends. Lets not forget about the vast variety of culture shops on offer in Sodwana, take the feel of Africa back home with you.


This is the home of a vast variety of sharks, namely hammerheads, zambezi’s and raggies to name but a few. When sharks are resting, keep out of the gullies, sandy patches and caves in which they rest. If you swim over resting sharks in a current, always stay at least 5metres above them and do not hover over them. Do not block their exits or corner them in any way as they will feel threatened.

Sharks can be inquisitive and may approach to investigate you. Consider this a privilege and remain calm, making no sudden move, or breathing out suddenly as this will frighten them. The only operator on Protea Banks is African Dive adventures and Roland is the man to speak to.

Divers can enjoy the pleasure of viewing upto five or six species of sharks on any given dive. These dives are for advanced divers only as the reefs are 34 meters deep.

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