From Snorkel to Technical Diving Training: CMAS is an international organization that was founded by 15 member countries in 1959, chaired by Sir J.Y. Cousteau, to promote SCUBA diving and other underwater sports. Needless to say, CMAS certification is recognized worldwide.CMAS is affiliated to SAUU South African Underwater Union, where CMAS-ISA is the SCUBA training section of this Federation.CMAS-ISA is run and managed by the diving instructors. All the training material is written and tailor made to accommodate South African conditions. CMAS-ISA has over the years set the standard for scuba diving.


  • Sir J Y Cousteau invented the regulator (Chairman and co Founder of CMAS)
  • First Trimix dive 1969. Chinoyi Cave - 105 metres
  • Worlds deepest dive Nuno Gormes CMAS (Instructor) 1996 - 282.6 metres
  • Worlds deepest cave dive at altitude Verna von Schick (CMAS Instructor) - 141 metres.
  • Deepest specimen collection Sodwana KZN - Wildlife 141 meters (CMAS Instructors)
  • CMAS are involved in the tagging of the Whaler sharks in Sodwana.
  • Discovery of the coelacanth - Sodwana Bay 2000 - 2001 107 metres.

CMAS-ISA is the foremost International SCUBA Diving organization in Africa by providing professional diver education and training.

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